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Are you a busy entrepreneur who wants to achieve your ambitious business goals without having to sacrifice your personal life? - I get it!

As a mompreneur of 2 adult children with special needs still living at home, I am not willing to compromise on any of my most valued life zones ~ my business, my family and my health are important to me!

We CAN HAVE IT ALL when we OWN the unique value of what we have to offer and we KNOW how to manage our minds and prioritize our time.

As a certified Mindset Coach, I am on a mission to help women in business make more money and be more productive in the time that you have, so that you have more time for YOU!

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Stephanie O'Brien

Today, I want to give a quick shout-out to Natalie Hankins, a business coach who’s been helping me overcome my mental and strategic obstacles and grow my business. I started working with Natalie several months ago. At the time, I was struggling to make time for my lead generation strategies, letting my inbox eat up time I’d intended to use for other things, and feeling discouraged and burnt out because I was working too hard for too little results.

Natalie helped me identify and adjust some of the beliefs and habits that were causing me to procrastinate and spend time on the wrong things, and she gave me specific, actionable lead generation and accountability strategies that have helped me bring in a much more consistent stream of leads.

I feel more joyful and confident while working on my business now, and my income has improved significantly.

Thanks, Natalie!

Clara R.

I recommend working with Natalie if you have been stuck and not moving forward as quickly or effectively as you would have liked in your business.​

Working with Natalie I was able to move things forward easily and accomplish several results including two new business partners in a short period of time.​

I was surprised by some of her unique processes that were enjoyable and allowed me to tap into my confidence and move my business forward effortlessly.

Carrie F.

I met Natalie through a networking group and never even considered a life coach.

After spending the last several months working with her, both my confidence and internal dialogue have changed to the point where others see it and are happy with my new attitude and self-image.

I've also seen growth in my business meeting goals I had set for a year coming to fruition within months.

Natalie will help you, but you do have to be open and do the work to get the most out of your experience. Worth every penny!

Double Your Revenue without Sacrificing Your Personal Life!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Natalie. I discovered life coaching in 2018 and completed my first certification as a life coach from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention (one of Tony Robbins' companies). In 2021, I earned a second certification in mindset coaching from The Life Coach School.

As a busy mompreneur of 2 adult children with special needs still living at home, I love helping other busy entrepreneurs achieve their business goals in less time so that they have more time to enjoy their lives.

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